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"No child asks to be born with autism. If we as parents always try to realize this, we will be wiser in our behavior."

Gayatri Pamoedji in the 200 Questions and Answers About Autism Book

In 1995, Gayatri Pamoedji and Farida Kadarusno helped found the first school for children with ADHD in Indonesia, which continued with establishing Komunitas Peduli Autis dan ADHD (KOMPAA) in 1998. This non-profit foundation aims to motivate and empower parents and educators by providing knowledge on diagnosis, education, and support needed by individuals with autism throughout Indonesia. KOMPAA then transformed into MPATI or Masyarakat Peduli Autis Indonesia.


The name MPATI has a double meaning. The first is to dispel the myth that individuals with autism are incapable of empathy. The second is an invitation to society to empathize with individuals with autism who never wanted to be born with this condition.


Elevate parents' knowledge of children with autism in Indonesia through MPATI early intervention tools (books, DVDs, videos, and content) and carry out sustainable capacity building.



Over two decades of existence, the MPATI Foundation has achieved many things, some of which are essential milestones on the issue of autism.


Currently, the MPATI Family, as our volunteers are known, is the driving force behind our activities. The MPATI family comprises various backgrounds (private entrepreneurs, education experts, lawyers, psychologists, and others). With sincerity and commitment, the MPATI Family tries to create hope, so parents and educators don't give up, are encouraged to do concrete things and play a more active role.


Until now, the MPATI program has been successfully implemented thanks to funding from holding seminars, book sales, donations from the private sector and the government, and contributions from individuals who care about the future of individuals with autism in Indonesia. 


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Gayatri Pamoedji

Founder and Chairman of MPATI Foundation

Ida Kadarusno
Farida Kadarusno

Co-Chair of MPATI Foundation

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Putu Swasti

Treasurer of MPATI Foundation

dr. Lula Kamal

Ambassador of MPATI Foundation

Nurmala Dewi

Admin Coordinator of MPATI Foundation

Dunya Mugijanto
Dunya Mugijanto

Board of Advisor of MPATI Foundation

Nova Mugijanto
Nova Mugijanto

Board of Advisor of MPATI Foundation