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Jura Tender

ISADD Founder & Director and Senior Clinical Psychologist

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Prof. Dr. Frieda Maryam Mangunsong Siahaan, M.Ed., Psikolog

Senior Psychologist, Professor of the Faculty of Psychology UI, and Author of Psychology & Education Books for Children with Special Needs

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Dr. Adriana S. Ginanjar, M.S., Psikolog

Psychologist, Founder and Director of Mandiga School

Vina G. Pendit
Vina G. Pendit, S.Psi., M.A.

Psychologist, Daya Lima Co-Founder, and Executive Coach

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Vitriani Sumarlis, M.Si., Psikolog

Child Psychologist and Vice Head of Sekolah Cikal Education Curriculum

Retno Dewanti Purba
Dra. Retno Dewanti Purba, M.PsiT,

Psychologist and Founder of Sahabat Satu Hati Psychological Services

Ratih Ibrahim
Ratih Ibrahim, M.M., Psikolog Klinis

Psychologist and Founder & CEO of Personal Growth

Dr. Charyna
Dr. Charyna Ayu Rizkyanti S. Psi., M.A

Deputy Dean I of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Pancasila and Lecturer in Psychology

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Diah Arum Witasari Humani, S.Psi., M.Psi.T.,

Psychologist, Certified Coach, and DDI Consultant

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Chitra Annisya, M.Psi., Psikolog

Child Psychologist

Linda Maysha
Linda Maysha, M.Psi, Psikolog

Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Nadia E. Gideon
Nadia E. Gideon, M.Psi., Psikolog

Child Psychologist