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Five Year Target

By the end of 2027, there will be a 20% increase in the proportion of parents of individuals with Autism in Indonesia who:


The MPATI Foundation program targets the community – especially parents of individuals with middle to lower levels of Autism – in all major cities in Indonesia. There are three main goals of our program:

Accurate Diagnosis

The MPATI Foundation encourages the importance of diagnosis to parents and educators.

Proper Education

For the MPATI Foundation, parents and educators need to be given education about individuals with Autism.

Robust Support

817 parents have joined the MPATI Family group to share information and support each other.


The MPATI Foundation has spread benefits to various countries. Many provinces in Indonesia have received benefits from our program.


Special kids expo (spekix)

In 2019, the MPATI Foundation held one of the biggest expos for individuals with Autism. Five thousand people visited the two-day event. 


In 2013, the MPATI Foundation held a "Fun Walk." This event is held every year. In 2015, Madam Vice President and Minister of Health of Indonesia opened this activity.

Jakarta is Autism-Friendly

In 2013, the Governor of DKI Jakarta Ir. Joko Widodo appointed the MPATI Foundation as a partner to create an "Autism-Friendly Jakarta" city.

World autism awareness BAZAAR

To celebrate World Autism Day, we held a bazaar for people and families who want to know about Autism. A total of 50 booths participated. 


The MPATI Foundation actively organizes seminars and workshops for the general public. We manage the workshop free of charge. During the pandemic, the MPATI Foundation held online discussions through Live IG and webinars. 


In 2014, Ir. Basuki Tjahja Purnama, on the initiative and support of the Social Service of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, inaugurated the Jakarta Autism Service Center (PLAJ). This PLAJ acts as a center for information, training, and counseling.


The MPATI Foundation realizes that therapy for individuals or children with Autism is expensive. Because of that, the MPATI Foundation created a video guide to help parents and educators.

Video I: Behaviour Therapy

In this video, the public will learn how to teach obedience to individuals with autism. There are five videos that MPATI Families can watch! For the follow-up video, click the link below:

Video II: Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy for individuals with Autism costs a lot of money. The MPATI Foundation has created an occupational therapy guide video so that it can become a reference for parents and educators. For other videos, click the link below.

Speech therapy is essential therapy for individuals with Autism. Many stories reveal the high cost. For this reason, the MPATI Foundation has created this video, which consists of five videos. The MPATI family can view the video on the MPATI Foundation's YouTube. 

Video IV: Puberty

Puberty is an important moment for individuals with autism. There are lots of changes going on. So that parents can guide their children properly, the MPATI Foundation has created a special guidance video for puberty. For other videos, click below.